Organising the opening night

For the opening night there was a lot of confusion over what everybody wanted to do, however we decided to keep it fairly low key and simple in the end because as usual we had no money in the kitty to do anything over the top. At the beginning there was a lot of talk about getting some music to be played at the opening night however we soon changed our minds on that because a lot of people had videos, and having music would take away from their pieces of work because you would not be able to hear the audio.

The next hurdle we had to over come for the opening night was wether to supply drinks on the night or not. we wanted to because we wanted to create a happy vibe however we were not allowed to sell or have donations for the alcohol and seeing as money was short we decided to change this. One option we looked into was looking for a sponsor to supply the beverages for the evening however no companies were that interested and hardly any got back to us. So instead of this idea we decided to purchase a few bottles of champagne, orange and apple juice and just hand one drink per person as they walked through the door which worked out perfectly seeing as the SU came along and supplied a bar for visitors to visit if they wanted any more drinks.

One last bit that we organised was buying present for people that helped us out over the whole process of setting up including presents for the parents and the tutors

Overall the opening night was a big success and i believe everybody enjoyed themselves and enjoyed the photography.

~ by hmsteel on May 31, 2013.

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