Underwater Photography

After talking to my tutor he suggested looking into the route of doing some underwater photography. So to get a better understanding of the equipment and processes of underwater photography i decided to do a little bit of research into it. To start of i thought i would watch a couple videos of an underwater shoot to see exactly what goes on

These are just a couple of videos that show how underwater photography is done and the results of the photographs. I would really love to try and do this because i think the final photographs are stunning. the dream like and mystical quality to them is beautiful and they are extremely eye catching. I could incorporate my project into underwater photography easily because it is all about movement so i think this would work really well.

The next steps are to try and find a place that will hire out the equipment for me to use and to try and find a pool where they will let me shoot in, preferably the pool will have skylights so i use the natural light coming in from the roof to light my photographs. Then if i get this sorted i will need to find some material which will float well in the pool and create colour and movement in the photographs.

~ by hmsteel on May 21, 2013.

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