Shoot with Alex

So after a bit more research and the talk with my tutor i decided to do a practice shoot using one of my friends to practice the best lighting and techniques for my final photographs, so i have every thing sorted when it comes to shooting my final images of myself

Overall i think the shoot went really well, i used a different light set up from my previous shoot which brought a lot more warmth to the  photographs which i think looks really good. In photoshop i used the same techniques of lowering the saturation right down apart from the hair so you get a stark contrast which i really like, fixed the levals and curves and sharpened up the photographs.

Contact sheets….

contact sheet one

Contact sheet two

 These are the contact sheets from the shoot i did with alex, if time permitted i would have liked to shoot a lot more photographs however we were strapped for time and i think i got a good amount of images to work with in the time which i had.


A few final shots which i think came out the best……

Hazel Steel

Hazel Steel

Hazel Steel

Hazel Steel

Overall i think the shoot went really well and helped me work out my lighting and techniques which i am going to use when i shoot my finals. I really like the warmth that i have captured in these photographs which i think was lacking in my previous shoots so overall it was a good shoot.





~ by hmsteel on May 20, 2013.

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