Nick Knight

While searching round for inspiration for my project i came a series of photographs that Nick Knight did for a magazine. Straight away they really captured my attention. The use of long exposures to capture the movement of the body was really interesting and produced a very ethereal feel to the photographs. I am not doing long exposures in my final images however i thought they really related to my own project because they were like looking into a very surreal and dreamlike moment in time where the emotions of the model are being expressed through the movement of her body.

Nick Knight

Nick Knight

Nick Knight

Above are a few of my favourite from the series he did. In my own project i am gong to try and create the same dream like ethereal feel that Nick Knight ha managed to capture in his. One other thing i particularly like about these photographs is the use of the different colours, it brings a real warmth to the photographs which mine at the moment are lacking so i will have to work on that i think.

~ by hmsteel on May 19, 2013.

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