Chat with Jonathan on project so far

So lately i had a tutorial with my tutor to asses where i am and what stage my project is at. I showed him what i had done so far and he critiqued my work and helped me understand where i had to go next and how to improve my project. 

The main point that i really have to work which he made clear to me was really understanding “why i am doing this project?” what is the meaning behind my project? because at the moment its much to wishy washy, i haven’t got any clear direction i am going in and i really need to buckle down and myself fully understand my own work before i show it to other people.

When looking at the actual photographs there was a few things that really stood out which he liked…

On the photographs i have put a book around certain bits. These are the bits he really liked in the photographs. He though i should stick with how desaturated the photographs are apart from the hair because he said it makes it much more striking.

One route he suggested me going down was having a look at underwater photography, because i could stick with my theme of movement and bodies and create a much more surreal and dreamlike effect if they were shot under water. I really like the idea of shooting under water but this posses the risk of having a few problems. 1. finding a pool where they would let me shoot and 2. having access to an under water camera which will let me shoot high quality photographs. However i am going to have a look into it and see if it is possible for my project.

One other suggestion he had for me was just to get on and shoot a lot more photographs which i knew i had to get on with  anyway.

~ by hmsteel on May 17, 2013.

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