The Plan

Its been a few weeks since i really thought about what i wanted to do for my final project, the motivation went out the window and i became a bit lazy. However as my deadline draws closer its made me evaluate and pull together all my ideas….

1. Its to going to be to do with female body image

2. Its going to be a self reflective project

3. I really want to make them extremely dreamy and surreal like photographs however still highlighting the female form

4. By using movement i want to emphasise emotions

To help me get some more ideas and inspiration i decided to research photographers which do work in the field of the human body.


rene groebli

rene groebli

chadwick tyler

chadwick tyler

yigit uygur

chadwick tyler

I really like these photographs from these photographers. I like the dreamy and earth like look of the photographs and aim to create  photographs with this same feel. The dreamy, gothic like and surreal look really inspires me and the use of black and white mixed with quite grainy photographs really creates an interesting look that draws the viewer in.

~ by hmsteel on April 1, 2013.

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