the garage studio

Being back home in somerset for a couple of weeks presented me with a bit of a problem…i had no where to work. This is when i came up with the idea of changing my garage into a makeshift studio for a couple of weeks. After 2 days of cleaning out old rubbish i had a bare garage to work with. A quick dash to tesco’s provided me with my backdrops (2 black bed sheets) I sewed them together to create one massive black sheet which i then hung from the garage roof. backdrop and floor cover=DONE

Luckily for me our garage only has one window, so  that did not provide too much trouble when i came to covering that up. heavy duty bin bags lined on top of each other, duck taped over the window. light black out= DONE

Next came the pretty hard bit..the lighting. With some proper studio lights ordered and on their way i didn’t need to worry about the lighting i thought until i found out they would not be getting here till next week 😦 i needed to do some work. so my DIY skills came out again. armed with household lights (4 desk spot lamps with adjustably heads) i began setting up my lighting for the studio. Obviously this is not the ideal situation but it will have to be alright until my studio lights arrive. lights= DONE

Now for the photo shoot i plan to do…my project is all about the female body, body image, identity and emotion. how strength and power can be shown through the human body. the project is based on myself, how i use my body to express myself. throughout my work i have always been drawn to creating quit surreal and dream like photographs. I am going to stick with this theme as i enjoy doing it greatly however i want to create something extremely interesting, thats going to make people come over and properly look at my photographs, i want to shock and intrigue people at the same time.

That is why i have planned to photograph using different things as props. One idea that has got me extremely excited is using talcum powder in my shots, this would create the dream/ ghost like effect i am after. by photographing with a fast shutter speed i aim to capture my body whilst it is moving as a “moment int time” image. However to aid with this ghost like effect i am after i am going to increase the iso, to create a kind of grainy effect to the photographs so they also look kind of old as well.

quick sketch of what the makeshift studio looks like…..

~ by hmsteel on April 1, 2013.

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