Self-defined Proposal with Supporting Research & Development Work

Our bodies are tools, tools which can express moods, emotion, desires and feelings however in todays society over 70% of women are unhappy with their own body. Social standard of feminine beauty is mostly likely to blame for this, everyday women are bombarded with images of the “ideal look” however such standards of beauty are nearly completely unattainable for women to achieve. We are led to believe that we have to have this “look” to succeed in life, led to believe that this is the best way to be however this is damaging women’s body image

Taking influence from Nan Goldin’s seminal work “The balled of sexual dependency” where she delves deep into her friends lives and reveals their personal stories and feelings to the viewer and Elinor Carucci work where she photographs herself with brutal honesty to reveal her own life letting the viewer experience everything that she feels and experiences, I will turn the camera on myself to examine my life and my body in its barest form, being exposed both physically and emotionally, i will create images that draw attention to both the fragility and the strength of the female form as well as the complex emotion which can be shown through movement and posture.

Nan Goldin

Elinor Carucci

Francesca Woodmen also delved deep into her own personal feelings to create images.

She photographed herself obsessively, using her own body as a way of expressing her identity and emotions. She is well known for creating a surreal look to her images, to communicate her self identity, which makes sense to me in that it allows her to keep a sense of mystery and secrecy to the meaning of the images however still allowing that view into her life and how she feels about herself, encouraging the viewer to really engage with her work and make their own decisions.

Francesca Woodmen

Francesca Woodmen

Francesca Woodmen

For my project i want to use my body as if it was a material, for conveying a message to women who are not confident with their bodies. I am going to produce images of my body showing both the vulnerable side of being exposed but also the empowering effect which it can have. By printing the images large i hope to shock the audience as they get to see every single detail of the body which echoes my theme of being completely exposed. As well as the large prints i am also going to produce a book, i aim to draw the viewer in with the shock value of the large images but then get them involved with the work, i want them to have an opportunity to feel connected with the images, producing a book which they can pick up and examine will help do this.

Body image in the media is constantly changing, always effecting people. This project will focus on me, how i feel about my image and identity but it doesn’t have to just stop at me. I am not the only one who is effected by the “ideal look” that is chucked in our faces and i am most certainly not the only one who is unhappy with their body. My project will expand from expressing my emotions to expressing other peoples emotions by looking at different generations and how the media has effected them on how they feel about their own body image.



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