Proposal idea progression

After deciding i want to my final degree project on body image, my own body image i looked at two photographers. One nan Goldin who documented her friends lives and the other Elinor Caruuci who documented her own life, to get a better i dea of how these two photographers create such strong and interesting photographs.

Whn creating my project i want to take this brutal honesty of their images and apply it to my own work. To get a better understanding of what i want to do i decided to brain storm some ideas…..


My self reflective study….

-look into body image-the fragility and strength of the female form

– identity- female identity—showing myself “bare” both physically and emotionally

-emotions- shown through posture and movement

– look into how our bodies are tools- which can moods, emotion, desires and feelings

-the vulnerability of being naked both physically and emotionally

-ways of hiding our bodies while being exposed

-take a more surreal look into my images instead of being as blunt as elinor carrucci

This are a few things i have thought about so far, i am going to look into how i can portray emotions through my body through my movements, through my posture and stance and see how they reflect to the viewer. Because of his i have decided to start to look into some more surrealist photographers that still document emotions, feelings and identity but in a more surreal look.

~ by hmsteel on March 6, 2013.

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