Francesca woodman


Woodman was photographer and model, subject and object,she utilized the female body to develop her own self-knowledge, using her own body to look onto her own life, her own identity.Unlike most of the images we are faced with on a daily basis, where the body is treated like a commodity to be used and consumed, she shows us a female body which is used to initiate a dialog with herself and the audience.Woodman projects images and symbols, hopes and fears onto the female body all the time communicating these with the viewer.

The influence of surrealism in her work plays a big part in exposing herself to the viewer, exposing the female body in a different way, which breaks away from the usual images we see on a daily bases of female bodies.

When creating my project i want to take this aspect of surrealism and apply it to my own work, i think it gives the photographer (me) a chance to create something different to what we see everyday, the stuff which is damaging women’s body image, and create images which will empower women while also exposing my own feeling about my work.

Francesca Woodmen

Francesca woodmen


Francesca Woodmen


~ by hmsteel on March 6, 2013.

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