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Our bodies are tools (?), tools which can express moods, emotion, desires and feelings however in todays society over 70% of women are unhappy with their own body.

Social standards of feminine beauty is mostly likely to blame for this, everyday women are bombarded with images of the “ideal look” however such standards of beauty are nearly completely unattainable for women to achieve. (inferred “usefulness” of the muscled body – train to have the body of a labourer to posit (asuume)  yourself as a producer? Vs consumer?)

I am one of these women, and that is why i am turning the camera on myself to examine my body in its barest form, being exposed both physically and emotionally, drawing attention  to both the fragility and the strength of the female form as well as the complex emotions which can be shown through movement and posture.

1 Demonstrate advanced research skills, creating a viable and relevant basis for their project;

From looking back through my work i have mainly focused on using myself in the the images i produce as a way of communicating emotions and ideas and throughout, my work has been extremely influenced by photographers like

Nan Goldin’s seminal work “the ballad”  and later elinor carruci who have both turned the camera on themselves to document their own lives. <Rinka Dykstra>

2 Apply critical analysis when communicating themes and ideas about professional photography clearly and comprehensively in visual, and written forms;

However lately i have been extremely influenced by the work of Francesca woodmen (why is she important for this project?) who takes a more surreal look into communicating self identity, using her body as a tool for communicating how she is feeling.  I am going to use this surreal look when i am producing my images, using props and techniques to conceal my identity but express my body and my emotions.  This approach makes sense to me in that it affords the maker/author/artist  to …….


3 Develop their professional independence by defining their own position clearly, with respect to existing bodies of knowledge and practice;

For this piece of work my photographs will be of myself however not self portraits, i want to use my body as if it was a material for conveying a message to women who are not wholey confident with their bodies. I am going to produce large scale images (WHY IS THAT IMPORTANT)  of my body showing both the vulnerable side of being exposed but also the empowering and strengthening effect which it can have, concentrating on my emotions and portraying them to viewer through my posture and movement. As well as creating these large images i am going to create a book (WHY WHAT IS THE EFFECT)  which will contain the images from when i first start the project to the end documenting how i feel all the way through this project.


4 Evidence a continued professional commitment to the evolution of their practice

Body image in the media is always changing, my views and feelings about my image and identity are always changing and that is why i think this project will always be there for me to go back to, change and help it it to grow. The images for this project will hopefully portray the emotions i feel about my body at this particular time in my life, these are most likely to change as i progress throughout my life and because of this i will always be able to document it.   (CHANGE) 


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