The happy stripper- pleasure and politics

“old style feminism is now seen to be dated even a tad ridiculous. feminists from the 1970s/1980s leave the new generation of women today feeling a little cold”

“old feminism has nothing to offer the new sexually empowered women of today society”

“women today want to be seen as sexual empowering. They want to be seen as and look at sex objects”

“burlesque is unlike stripping…it has a sting. It is witty parodic, erotic tongue in cheek irony”

“in fact the new “empowering” model for female sexual agency now seems to be the burlesque stripper”

“its commenplace for many young women to want to feel the empowerent, excitment and danger that comes from openly going to see a risqu female performance or the sexual dominating sense of power, control and desire that comes from revealing their bodies as objects”

~ by hmsteel on February 11, 2013.

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