Proposal for symposium




(Im stuck with my title at the moment, i have a lot of different ones atm….when we have the tutorials i will have picked one :))

Breif description…..

In that short amount of time where the dancer connects with her ever so willing audience every single eye is on her, she’s completely lost in the moment, music flowing in time with movement as the harsh light shines off her naked body. This isn’t your average dance show, this isn’t your average dance, this is the world of stripping where everything and anything is laid bare including emotion.

This is what i want to look into for my symposium- how this type of dance provokes these  strong emotions in the women such as empowerment and confidence, “Professionally speaking i lead a life that millions would envy, if they only understood that it’s possible to flaunt your vanity whilst holding firmly onto your sanity…So for many reasons, i declare it, that i am proud to grin and bare it” (baby, oil and ice)

Is it solely the self expressive dancing which empowers these women or is it a number of things such as the clothes, the make up, the realization that all eyes are on them? and how this is portrayed in the photographs that photographers such as sarah melisandre and Charise Isis have taken.

Sarah Melisandre’s photos in her book “carnival strippers” inspired me to go down this route, i started looking into mainstream dance and how emotion is shown through this form of self expression however i didn’t get a sense of such raw emotion in a photograph until i saw one of her photographs. The women in the photographs ooze confidence, they want to be seen, they want to photographed. This is what got me into looking at stripping/ lap dancing instead of your more well known kinds of dance such as ballet ect. The still portraits as well as the photographs of the women dancing all portray this confidence and power and this is what i’m going to be looking at in my research.

sources to be utilized….

My main research sources are going to come from the library, there are many photo books and essays on emotion shown through the art of stripping. The essays books that i ahve been looking at so far have some good chapters which relate to my project. I am also going to try and get a few interviews with photographers who have photographed strippers before and see what they felt like while photographing these women dancing and see if they feel the sense of empowerment this gives the women. One photographer who has photographed strippers before and who im petty sure will be willing to let me interview him is Jonathan worth. One other big area which i will look into is accounts from strippers themselves, this may be to hard to do myself because i feel like their will be a lot of difficulties to interview the dancers myself, however their are many books published by people who used to be in the stripping industry who give their opinion on what it was really like and how they felt when they were dancing. I would love to get first hand data myself however i believe that may be an unrealistic goal however that doesn’t mean i wont try and gain access to this material.


Methods to be used in acquisition of sources….


To get this type of material i will be using the library a lot. Getting as much information as i possibly can without spending hours searching the library will mean i will be using the locate system in the library (  which stores all the books which they own, here you can search for anything you need, find its number and the section of the library its in and locate it in as little time as possible so you have more time study it more. I have done a lot of research into different books i want to try and get my hands on for my research, so this may be one area i may have difficulties in if the library does not contain it, however i can easily get round this by 1. if its not an expensive book i will buy it or 2. try and download a copy of the internet or if all else fails try and find it in another library however i think most books i need are provided in the university library.


Methods/ forms of interpretation/ analysis to be used with the information and sources…


To make sense of all the information which i will be getting in i will find the relevant paragraphs/ chapters of the book i will need, photocopy the small bits i need so i don’t need to keep sourcing through the whole book and keep them in piles relevant to what i need. I will do the same for articles and web pages of the internet. I want to get as little junk as i can so i don’t end up confusing myself. As for the photographers i am going to look into i will keep the research separate for each photographer i research so i can go back and quickly look at there work whenever i need to. As for the interviews which hopefully i will be conducting i will keep two sound copies, plus and written copy so i i know i will never loose the information i have collected.


Plan/Schedule of work……


6th- 17th- during the next two weeks i will be doing my main research, finding the books i need, the articles online, researching chosen photographers ect and analyzing all the material i have found. I hope at by the end of these two weeks i will have found most of the information i need and have got a good way through analyzing this.

During these two weeks as well i will be sending emails out to try and contact any photographers which i would really like to talk to about my chosen topic.


17th-30th- during these weeks hopefully if i have kept with the plan for the first two weeks i will have enough data from the internet to start writing a first draft of my speech/essay. Obviously i may still be doing some research, looking for quotes or doing some general reading to keep me well informed on my chosen topic as well. while waiting for a reply back from the photographers i have emailed i will be writing up my interviews and what i plan to ask them.


1st-14th- Hopefully by this time, i may have heard back from a few photographers and will be hopefully interviewing them and getting some first hand information of them.


Over christmas- keep editing the first draft, making changes to make it much better, also i will start to practice the speech i have prepared


When we come back after christmas- get my draft read over, find out where i can improve, if i need to add anything in, how i can make it better. after i know this i will o away and make all the changes. Also i will start practicing my speech in front of people, getting their opion but at the same time improving my public speaking.


last few weeks till the god awful day where we have to do the speech- practicing the speech over and over and making the last few changes.




Carnival strippers by susan Meiselas, 1976

The happy stripper by Jackie wilson, 2008

Baby oil and ice by Sarah Ainslie, 2003

Striptease- the untold history of the girlie show, 2005

Candy girl- a year in the life of an unlikely stripper by Diablo Cody, 2006

Stripping sex and popular culture, 2011

Strip show: performances of gender and desire, 2002


lap dancer by Juliana Beasley

American stripper by Charise isis, 2011


These are the books tat i have had a brief look at so far, i need to find them in the library, the top 7 books i can acquire from the university library. The second two i have seen briefly on the internet but would love to be able to purchase the books themselves so i will look into doing that. Not all the books are relevant to my actual topic however they contain chapters in them which does relate to my essay.



web pages which are relevant to my essay….’s-lapdancer-series.aspx

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