Proposal change….

So after thinking about my first proposal i began to think that i wasn’t going to be able to get as much information as i would like if i looked into strippers. Not much work has been done on it before and it would be extremely difficult for me to get first hand research because i’m not too keen on going into strip clubs ad trying to interview people- i don’t think i would get very far with this.

So after along time thinking and a lot of brainstorming i have decided to start looking into burlesque dancing instead of stripping. There has been a lot of research into burlesque dancing and it is making a strong re-mergence in this era and a lot of people are talking about it. Because of this i think i will be able to get a lot of information i need to write my speech. Also i can get first hand accounts from burlesque dancers and i am planning on going to a number of burlesque shows so i can witness it first hand. Overall i think this is a much better route to go down now because i can take it in a number of directions and get a lot of information so i’m not just guessing about things.

I started to think about ideas of the stuff i wanted to talk about in my speech….

-The history of burlesque

– How i/ people feel about watching burlesque

-Empowerment through the use of the body

– How costumes and make up transform women

-2nd wave feminism and how this effected burlesque

-3rd wave feminism and how this effect burlesque

-the male gaze

-gender and queer theory

-How photographers feel about shooting burlesque


~ by hmsteel on February 11, 2013.

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