Not my mothers sister: Generational conflict and third wave feminism by

“After a decade in which feminism seemed to vanish, in 1991 it made its comeback, feminism was once again a hot topic”

“however the reamerance saw a big change in feminism”

“Feminism was not something women had left behind but in fact as something women were reclaiming and reconceptualising in an enthusiastic way”

“The revitalisation of feminism in the 1990s relies on a similar-abeiltmuch shorter- period of feminist dormancy: the post feminist 1980s, an era in which younger women weren’t interested and older women were burnt out”

“although this new feminist generation has certainly been propped up by much media hype, there was and is something very real about the changes that have occurred over the last fifteen years”

“during the early 1990s the term third wave was also being used by some feminists to identify a new feminism that is led by and has grown out of the challenge to white feminism posited by women of colour”


~ by hmsteel on February 11, 2013.

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