Interviews of the web from burlesque dancers..

After starting to write up my speech i decided it would be a good idea to listen to some interviews from burlesque dancers themselves, helping me get some first hand evidence on how they personally feel.

– overwhelmed because thousands of people came out to watch her however they were all women, burlesque is a powerful message of self creation, showing people another form of beauty. I think some guys are intimidated by the burlesque scene. You cant dictate to women what sexy is, its whatever she wants to wear and looks like. women are coming to see the show so how is that anti feminists? Its one of the last things that we can do is be sexually liberating ourselves, how boring is the world going to be if every is politically correct. I enjoy being called a stripper because burlesque is just fancy stripping so i embody that.

– BUrlesque is three things funny men, sexy women and its entertainment. you can expect a lot of glamour and a lot of tease. It started of as performance art. i used to work in film production. elements important to burlesque are the art of the tease as well as the humour. its erotic its fun, its glamourous and its accessible for men and women. i was attracted to burlesque because its about the individual its about finding what makes you special and then sharing it with the audience.

-burlesque is a style of strip tease, the art of the tease we celebrate woman’s bodies in all its shape size and and colour and its very important to bring back the tease. new burlesque brings a new spin to the ld burlesque. costuming is a big difference between burlesque and stripping. pasties and g string always stay in. Women from all shapes and sizes can preform, we celebrate the difference and that were not perfect and in being not perfect that makes us perfect.

~ by hmsteel on February 11, 2013.

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