Horrible prettiness: Burlesque and american culture by Robert Clyde Allen

“The ‘nude’ woman succeeded momentarily but not because of her hard work and training. She mealy  advertised her sexuality and was paid for doing so” LOGAN

“The expressive and lucrative sexuality of the burlesque stage would represent for young women an easier route to economic independence” LOGAN

“saw burlesque as a revolutionary, anartic, demonic force that threatened to overrun the theatre” LOGAN

“feminist agreed that in order to for sexual equality to be achieved, sexual passion had to be brought under control and carefully regulated, rationalised and channelled.” WILLIAM LEECH

“base and vulgar qualities of burlesque”

“The mania for burlesque had become an epidemic infecting every part of new york, whose spread the bord of health was powerless to stop”

“the infection had been brought to america from england- each steamer carrying a cargo of golden haired, which once landed on our shores develops into the true roaring stamping mad burlesque”

“burlesque was dangerous because it defies criticism”

“no burlesque ever succeeded on its literary merits. It’s wit is tolerated only from a bewitching mouth…its object is to upset decorum, to upset gravity, to disarm judgement and to intoxicate the senses.

“burlesque performers had become both the diseased body and the carrier of the disease”

“burlesque produced a female body out of control and unable to control itself. It was an exposed public body that insisted on calling attention to itself: a raving, convulsive, incoherently screaming, hysterical, mad body”

“there are sad proofs enough how these gilded larvae breed to a vocation, and many girls who months ago was modestly content with plain attire and an honest name, now basks her nude limbs in the hot gave of an abandoned crowd, or streams like a yellow meteor along the pave, luring weak followers to her new ambition”

~ by hmsteel on February 11, 2013.

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