Burlesque research….

To start of my research properly i thought i would source the web and view as many videos of burlesque as possible and see how i felt watching them and ask other people what they felt when watching them.


These are just a few of the videos i watched when trying to get a better understanding of burlesque dancing, what really stood out for me as well as the other people i got to watch the videos is the different shape dancers there was. Burlesque dancing really includes all shapes and sizes and i think this is a great tool for raising women s confidence for the dancers and the audience which i viewing these dances.
Also i noticed that a lot of the performances had little stories behind them it wasn’t all about just the stripping, these women were relaying information to the audience through dance moves, humour and sexuality.

For me it was extremely empowering to watch these because these women are doing what thy want and they look like they are really enjoying it and are confident in the way they look…there is definitely no stereotypical way a burlesque dancer should look which is a big difference in this society because the “attractive” look now is skinny and small and anyone who isn’t like this is classed as not being pretty.

Most of the people i got to watch these videos felt the same way as me and it inspired a lot of them to want to try it themselves. However there were a couple of girls i asked that thought that burlesque dancing was the same as stripping and there was no difference and because of this they viewed burlesque dancing as degrading the women and it was just another way of pleasing men. This interested me a lot and i am definitely going to research this and find out what people think and write about it in my speech.

~ by hmsteel on February 11, 2013.

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