Burlesque {and the new bump and grind} by Michelle Baldwin

History of the tease…..

“The potent theatrical cocktail of sex and wit proved to be irresistible to audiences”

“The most famous and popular dancers was little egypt…….audiences didn’t seem to care about the authenticity of her dance, they were simply fascinated and aroused by the quake of little Egypt’s hips and stomach”

“In the 1930s, the peeling occupation became more competitive as promoters realised that the only way to keep the audiences coming in, once the novelty of nudity had worn off, was to hire women with the best props, techniques and style”

“As social morals loosened through the late 1960s into the 1970s, so did the morals and tastes of the clubs. It just got the point that they didn’t want a clean act, and the nastier you were, the better they liked it.”

The new burlesque…..

“modern glamour is the sleek, sexy anaesthetic  of technology. Everything from the ultra thin models featured on magazine covers to the tiniest cell phone to the most unobtrusive stereo speaker sets the pace and look of modern life. Burlesque glamour on the other hand is larger than life, filled with innuendoes and coated with glitter. Burlesque offers something different than the standard mass produced culture.”

“The basic elements of burlesque are things that are missing from contemporary life”

“its an art form that doesn’t take itself to seriously even when it might have a point”

“Most neo burlesque performers have studies the history and the traditions of burlesque, and then they have taken it in their own direction”

“Burlesque’s revival sprung fromt he hearts of women and men who created because they desired something that didn’t exist. But within a few years the scene exploded and it seems like everyone is now doing burlesque”

“Women in burlesque are taking what was an art form preformed by women but run by men and changing the rules by putting themselves in a place of power and determining how they and other women of the movement are perceived”

“does an eagle cry because it’s not a swan? no. Is a dove sad because it’s not a flamingo? no. And so it should be, ladies and gentlemen, with women. Different shapes, different sizes, tall, short, fat, thin are all beautiful” Miss astrid.

The styles of burlesque……

“neo burlesque is based on the original ideas of  burlesque, but the final vision of each performer is often far beyond what anyone from the golden age would recognise as burlesque.”

“burlesque as it was reaches back into time for inspiration, not recreating the past move for move, but researching act and ideas from burlesques past and bringing burlesque back in their own way.”

“the spirt of new burlesque truly is taking an old art form an making it your own”

The voyeurs…..

“whether is funny or seriously sexy the central point of burlesque is to seduce the audience, inviting them into the performers fantasy for a song or two”

“women see it and they feel empowered and guys see it and they feel this is something new, it’s not just another strip club.”

“burlesque was something for men and women to come and see. it was clean and women came to see the wardrobe and men came to see the girls”

“However most of the audience are still generally more ethan half female, the men who are watching are enjoying what they see.”

~ by hmsteel on February 11, 2013.

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