Burlesque {and the new bump and grind}    michelle baldwin


Striptease-the untold history of the girlie show   Rachel shteir 2005


Dita von tease Burlesque and the art of the tease   Dita von Tease 2006


Carnival strippers    Susan Meiselas 1976


The happy stripper-pleasure and politics     Jackie Wilson 2007


Not my mothers sister: generation conflict and third wave feminism    Astrid henry 2004


Sex and society, volume 2    Marshall Cavendish, 2009


Horrible prettyness: burlesque and american culture    Robert clyde allen


Women on women: A feminists study     Bhaskar A.Shukla – ‎2006


The burlesque handbook   Jo Boobs Weldon 2010


Girl show: into the world of bump and grind   A.W.Stencell




Third Wave Feminism. Sexualities, and the Adventures of the Posts

Rhonda Hammer and Douglas Kellner  –


Burlesque: the art form that communicates empowerment

Royal Roads University-


The girlie show-


Girl Show: In the Canvas World of Bump and Grind review-

susan Meiselas- carnival strippers interview-—photographers-talks/susan-meiselas—carnival-strippers-1977


Empowerment and the 21st century stripper-

Stories of empowerment and degradation-

BBC news-

Burlesque and empowerment-

Burlesque forum-

Burlesque: female empowerment?-

Tigz rice-

Brian c janes-

The three waves of feminism-

The domestic burlesque-


Ravens six- birds of prey-

Jolie goodnigh-viva burlesque all that glitters june 2011-

Burlesque showcase- cathrine D’lish-

Immodesty Blaize, La regina del burlesque-

Dita Von Teese, live on the top-

The doll-

Burlesque dancers: the art of the strip tease-

Burlesque dancers: immodesty Blaize-


Dita von teese-


A A Disderi-

A A Disderi-

lydia thomson-

Lydia thompson-

First playboy cover-


love you body poster-

tempest storm by micheal ochs-

Tempest storm by michel ochs-

Tempest storm by micheal ochs-

Racheal Rouge-

Tigz rice-

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