Travis shaffer: we are all theives right?

Below is a recording from Travis shaffer who did a lecture for us entitled “we are all theives right?” In this lecture he set out to prove to us as photographers that we indeed are all theives. 

In this lecture travis shaffer explains 2 theories he has as to why we are all theives…..

Thesis 1: Photographic reproduction cannot be improved (further) by changes in technology. However, both good and bad photography can be made more frequent and will continue to exist in changing contexts and formats.

In this theory he explains that photographic reproduction is governed by and as a result limited to natural boundaries. eg. Photographic reproduction is solely dependent on the technology that we have and its consistent evolution. As the medium continues to evolve there is a strong diversity in the essence of the photograph. Changes in technology also result in the relative speed and ease and accessibility of the photographic practice- think back to the photographic process a hundred years ago compared to now.

Three claims that travis sheffer makes 

  1. photographic reproduction will constantly evolve with new technologies 
  2. The evolution will continue to increase the quantity of production of photographs 
  3. The reproductive accuracy of photographic reproduction will reach its limit. 

If we take these three points into context an really think about them, it does some how prove that thesis one is correct in some ways. 

AFter listening to the lecture that travis sheffer gave to us a couple more times i am starting to see what he means by we are al thieves. We photograph things that are already there, we produce a replica of something that already exists, however we do this in a photographic form. Photography is only a chemical or digital replica of what is in front of the lens- nothing more. So if we think of it as this, he is in fact right- we are all thieves. 


~ by hmsteel on December 12, 2012.

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