Spencer Murphy “The willing suspension of critical engagement: the four looks of photography.

The three main veiws of photography 

  1. the viewier 
  2. the photographer 
  3. the subject 

Think about the three looks as an onion: with levels and layers upon layers. as we get further in it gets harder. However when we watch films, we do not usually look for these layers, if we do ( as we were instructed to do so in the lecture) it ruins the visual pleasure of the film. 

However there is also a fourth look, this one is much harder to achieve. If as a photographer or film maker you manage to achieve this fourth look you know your onto a good project- this fourth look is watching people watch something it makes you look back and reevaluate yourself, its difficult to explain, to fully understand it you have to experience it. 

to understand this fourth look we must first understand that most often the camera is always from male perspective, women tend to adopt the “male gaze” when filming or watching films.  

A fantastic peice of film which we were shown in the lecture which fully shows the fourth look to an extrem is from the film carrie….


~ by hmsteel on December 12, 2012.

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