Sourcing together data

To begin starting my final project i knew i was going to have to get a lot of childhood photographs of people, this interests me a lot because i love sifting through old photographs and seeing what people used to be like compared to what they are like today. To begin with i started with immediate family

My brother james:

” when i was younger i always wanted to be an explorer  like the people that i used to have on my wall paper in my bedroom when i was younger, i always thought i would be like them and go and find dinosaurs”

 My dad:

When i was younger i wanted to be a roof thatcher, not really too sure why. But i couldn’t be one because i found out i was scared of heights”

My mum:

when i was younger i first wanted to be a hair dresser but quickly my mind because i got a really bad hair cut, so then i wanted to be a nurse”

My gran: I always wanted to be a hairdresser but my mum said i wasnted aloud

~ by hmsteel on December 12, 2012.

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