Professor David Campbell on Narritive, Power and responsibility.

The narrative is the relationship between the story and the event, and as professor david campbell states “if your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not reading enough”.

Developing an understanding of the thing you are photographing creates a wider narrative for the thing you are producing. 

Take historical events:they only became historical because of the narrative constructed around them. The narrative comes later, not whilst it happens but in doing so people remember it.

A narrative is a combination of methods which transmit information to others. Events such as historical ones are only understood because of the narration, by the people that were involved people documenting it or a combination of them both. 

However its impossible to construct a narrative for absolutely everything, when narrative is involved you have to know your limits BUT always keep in the back of your head the actual story you want to portray.

The narrative offer a sense of coherence/ purpose where as real life events don’t- In life we always desire a story structure- even when we know its false. As people we like this, we like their to be a beginning, a middle and an end even though in fact life is much more fractured than that. 

Narrative always have characters that drive the way forward, however the most important thing is the relationship between individuals and context in the story. 

However in the end the important thing is not the structure, but what you REALLY want to tell, what you really what to get across to other people, so before you start figure out the story you want to tell- it may change or alter as you go forward with it but you need this when you start out.  

“if we want people to be moved by our work we must speak a language the audience understands”


~ by hmsteel on December 12, 2012.

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