Task 5: a life in the day “Paths of life”

“Paths of life”….

As this is my third and final year at university and the end is getting near a lot of people have been asking me what i am going to do after i finish, which got me thinking. Throughout our lives growing up, people are always asking us what we want to be when we grow up which normally produces some quite funny and unrealistic answers. This is why for my project i am going to ask people to submit photographs of them selves as children and then interview/ ask them to write a couple of sentences about what they wanted to be/ what job they wanted when they were younger.

I want to collect as many old childhood photographs and stories of what you wanted to be and mash them all together to create a video which shows all our childhood dreams and see if any of them came true. The more photographs and stories i get the better it will be.

I personally love looking through old photographs and if your like me and willing to find a old photograph and join in with this project it would help me out a lot. Obviously if you send photographs and stories in they will be used in this project and i will mention your participation in this project.

So PLEASE HELP THIS PROJECT SUCEED and email an old childhood photograph of yourself and a couple of sentences of what your childhood dream job was and what you have become/ what you are doing now to HAZSTL@aol.com

OR go to the flickr account i have set up “Project paths of life”  and put your photographs in the group pool 🙂

~ by hmsteel on December 12, 2012.

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