Final piece…

For my final piece i have decided to create a short video which shows all the photographs i have collect over the time which we have had for this project..i have decided to have an opener of the video as snippets from old video footage of when i was growing up. I decided to present this way because i think this showcases the photographs and what people wanted to be the best way.

If i was to display this i would have all the old photographs on the walls with the stories from the people i have collected (around the video) so as the video is playing there would also be prints alongside it.

~ by hmsteel on December 12, 2012.

8 Responses to “Final piece…”

  1. Great work. Something everyone can relate to. This project could go on for ever, maybe follow the stories where people became what they wanted to be. follow their story

  2. Hazel, you are an idiot if you’re not proud of this work. The video was so lovely and heartfelt, and everyone can relate to the concept of the project. This is something you could really continue to do because it affects everyone. GREAT.

  3. love the video it was really nice and i think its funny all the different things people wanted to be! If you could i think it would have been good to say what these people turned out to become but other thank it was bang tidy mate ;p i looked so mardy in my pic hahahah! love it xxx

  4. I liked the video, it was really nice and made you think how innocent people were when they were younger before life got in the way. I think if you had shown what the people you featured actually became it would have been a nice contrast. Great Project!

  5. Really great subject! I like how the images of children are paired with captions that are in past tense. I would like to see these as single images as well, with the captions seperate rather than over the photos.

    I wanted to be a shop keeper or a vet. 🙂

  6. nice video really makes you think about your own dreams good work

  7. Interesting idea, just think you need to narrow it more down. Maybe categorise the images or the “wanted to be” description. Or try not repeating them in one video. You could do before and after “the wish” as well. But definitely some narrowing/categorising. Keep it up!

  8. Aw, yes, and speak little bit slower for better understanding and involving the audience:)

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