Overall i think this project has gone ok. I wouldn’t say fantastic. I started out with an idea which i was really excited about, but as i had time constraints i had to cut it down to an achievable goal. I think i collected enough information to do with the photographs however i would have liked to delve deeper into why the people wanted to do these things when they were younger- not just stick to what they wanted to be. However i think i did struggle with this module as a whole because i always had int he back of my head “why arn’t we taking any photographs” most of the tasks were designed in other medias and it started to bug me. I understand that as photographers we have to evolve with the time and the market is extremely tough at the moment and for us to succeed we need to start looking into other medias as well as photography but i chose to do a photography course and that is why i kind of lost momentum half way through. 

However saying all that i have managed to produce something i am proud off, and i would also like to keep this project going, i want it to expend not just stop dead like a lot of my other projects. One aspect of my final project which really interested me was finding all the old photographs, not just too see what people were like back then but to see what they photographs were like, each one of them holds its own memory which i find fascinating.

Overall if i had had more time on this project or even managed my time a bit better i think i could of produced something a bit more substantial than what i have produced however for the short amount of time which we did have on this i am pleased of what i have produced.  

~ by hmsteel on December 12, 2012.

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