Timothy O’Grady: Storytelling

During the phonar classes we had the fantastic opportunity to listen to a talk by the author Timothy O’Grady about his book “devine magnetic lands” 

How do you tell a subjects story??? 

The main advice given is to “treat others as you wish to be treated” don’t ever write something about someone that you would not want written about you. You have to always try and use empathy and compassion, getting your story across will not happen if you do not have this. To choose a story to tell, and to be able to get this across you really have to pick something that interests you, something that you’ve seen, that stirs something in you that has come from your own relationship with the world. Once you have this, then you can begin to try and tell the story. When writing a story you always have to think about the reader- how are they going to like what you are writing, just because you like it, it doesn’t mean they are going to. When writing or creating your story you have to try and pre-visualize a connection with the reader to be able to see how they are going to perceive what you produce. All through your project you have to keep this connection, work hard to maintain it, if you loose the reader, you wont have produce a good project.

This talk really helps with our phonar class because the whole point of our final project is to be able to tell a story through our work, which if you haven’t already tried it is a lot harder than it sounds. However getting some advice from timothy O’Grady on the best way of telling stories really helps give me a bit of direction of how to start out and help me try to visualize what i want to achieve. 



~ by hmsteel on December 11, 2012.

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