Photographer Teru Kuwayama- Base track

Teru Kuwayama is a photographer who works for magazines who is doing a project in Afghanistan/ pakistan. Base tack is a project which collaborated with marian battalions. It started off being a project which was going to last 7 months, however two years later it is still going on.

The marines involved were not just the consumers of the project being made about their own family members, they were the story themselves and on some levels the journalist and commentators for the project as well.

Project “base track” got the families of the marines involved by creating a community where family members could comment on posts/ photographs which quickly turned into discussions between family members back home. This first started with a Facebook page and quickly development into being on many other social sites.

This project was the first time in history where family members of the men at war had a space where they could get together and talk about the things which were happening out there as well as the things that the family members at home were dealing with.

Two years after this project started it is still ongoing today but has been evolved into a theatrical production as well. eg. audio recordings were used and scripts were produced out of the posts put up onto the social network sites. As well as this everything was pulled together and put onto a page to form a blog.

This project to many as well as me is very interesting because it was the first of its time “a social media experiment” where the news wasn’t just documented on paper, it was taken out of that form and made accessible to families everywhere by putting it onto the web. This helped many families in many ways by letting them have some sort of contact with their loved ones and this is why i think it has gone on so long because its a fantastic project.

~ by hmsteel on December 11, 2012.

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