Mark Meguire: technologies and transformative experiences

There are three models that mark talks about….

Push model is the broadcast model- stand and deliver

Pull model- the audience member has a bit more control eg podcasts

Share model- creating content- engaging in a real time conversation 

In crossing the threshold from analog to digital an artifact changes, a single traceable past for unlimited possible futures, solidity for malleability and finical value for social value 

In his lecture mark talked about the trouble he had convincing the larger companies from changing the magazines to just digital production- eg online. The first company to do this was a small magazine which had to because they didn’t have the money to keep on printing and didn’t really have anything to loose by changing to an online magazine instead of a printed one. 

 Artists and designers are the people who are most onboard with the idea of changing to a digital world.  “its not where you take things from- its whee you take them too” jean luc godard 

Increasingly in this day and age it is becoming increasingly easy to get involved with projects online eg a online book where you as a reader can change bits. these projects are constantly changing due to the large social following that these projects have, its about getting as many people to get involved so it is always changing.  eg MOOC 

This lecture was very important to the phonar class because it educated us in different ways of getting more people on board with our own personal projects. It also showed us where to source images and audio recordings from to use in our own projects which could be shred and taken which i think helped a lot of people out when creating some of the tasks that we were set. 

~ by hmsteel on December 11, 2012.

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