Benjamin Cheserton- Duck Rabbit

Benjamin cheserton is a radio documentary producer who works for radio 4, the bbc and many others. He created photography for your ears, by doing photo films, tv adverts, blogging ect ect. As well as doing this he holds workshops helping training photographers tell their stories through sounds and videos as well as photography. 

What is really cool about this program/ project type thing is photography all ways talks about given someone “a voice” and by including video and sound as part as your main subject photography it really helps achieve this. 

Duck rabbit is really only the company in the uk which is taking on this opportunity and really rolling with the fact that people want more than “just a photographer” now a days they want the whole package, they want people who are educated in photography, audio and video and duck rabbit is helping educate people in this. 

In the country at the moment there is definitely NOT a shortage of photographers however there is a shortage of photographers who are comfortably able to work a video camera, record sound, and take stills while telling a story through their work- this is what duck rabbit is trying to make clear to people and help them do this.     


~ by hmsteel on December 11, 2012.

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