A Catch up with filmmaker Adam Hopkins…..

On doing his development project which involves the development stage. There is a small amount of money to do research. The research involves finding people and doing some short filming and generally finding out as much information as possible. One project that adam Hopkins worked on was for bbc three doing a documentary on development in america involving american youths, the main idea was that this would sit well with young british people and they would be able to relate to this and understand it.  

The main project he is working on now what he’s working on now is for bbc 2 called the planners. This project is about planning permission. 

The main tips he gives for doing a project which involves a lot of people and a lot of people opinions are to start of with the facts that everyone wants to here and then go and find stories first hand from people, each story hopefully has a bigger meaning, which in whole creates a big story. 

However there is no easy way to find the stories you need, you just have to invest a lot of time in searching for the right things you will need and i think that is fairly obvious a lot of work needs to be involved in creating a story which interests a lot of different people.

~ by hmsteel on December 11, 2012.

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