50 shades of grey… Re thinking the zone system

When you view or read different things there will always be three audiences. So first off what is an audience- well an audience is a group of individuals all with different backgrounds eg. race, class, sexuality, gender, religion ect. The three categories of audience you get are…. 

  1. the concerned reader 
  2. the literal reader 
  3. the passionate reader 

concerned reader…..

concerned readers always have “moral panics”, something in society becomes defined as a threat, stereotyped by “right thinking people” the audience that is this type of reader is an undifferentiated mass. 

However the limitations to this type of audience is that it i to much of a simplistic view and more a methodological debate. 

The literal reader…..

This type of audience usually consists of “yummy mummies” 

a few theorists who have looked into this type of audience are Theodor Adorno, max horkeimer and walter Benjamin, they all looked at mass produced popular texts. 

The limitations to this type of reader are its one dimensional and its pessimistic 

The passionate reader…..

This is an active audience which is diversified by social class, race ect ect. it cannot exist outside a communication. 

Media does a lot to people, but what do people do to the media?

A palimpsest is a recyclable medieval manuscript  made from sheep skin into an indestructible parchment for writing on. Layering upon layering occurs and the story changes. This is what happens on fan pages today where people can write and change the story however much they want.  

Member can join these groups whenever they feel like and share with others their own ideas, member of the groups are called FANS. 

So what does this lecture have to do with Phonar? well i think it connects with our class because phonar is all about creating our work putting it online and collaborating with people-getting as many people involved with our work as possible which is basically what fans are doing when they collaborate together on a story. right?  A great example of this happening is the 50 shades of grey collection, this was produced by a fan following the same story line as twilight, using her knowledge of the twilight book where there is a growing love between Bella and edward she translated this in her own writing in her own story which became the 50 shades of grey series. 

And here is a small trailer made and put onto youtube which was created by fans themselves. A remix between twilight and Buffy which is a bit of a piss take but a fun thing to watch…….


~ by hmsteel on December 11, 2012.

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