Restructuring my idea…..

Symposium work..the idea

So after talking about my ideas with my tutors, they have told me that my idea is more of an area than a project, also if i was to do this that i would have to make it specific of a certain era or movement. so back to the drawing board i go. I’ve decided to link my symposium work in with my final degree show, which is going to be about dance photography concentrating on motion and the expression of emotions shown through this, so i have decided link it all together and to do my symposium on this as well. Instead of just concentrating on dance which portrays power like i was thinking of doing i am going to look into all kinds of emotions which are portrayed through the movement of dancers and how this is then expressed in photographs so that the viewer can feel that emotion being portrayed. One area i really want to look into is how emotion is shown through the perception of bodies in motion.


My research is about…….

The portrayal of emotion through expressive movement in dance phtography


Exploring the human figure in motion and how emotion is portrayed through this in dance photography


why am i researching this….

From the beginning of history people have been researching the human body because its so diverse and different and this is what interests me the most. The human body is a powerful tool which allows you to portray different emotions through different movements  and dancers use this to fully express themselves during their performances. Im looking into this to fully understand how photographers capture this raw emotion and manage to portray it to the viewer because provoking feeling in a viewer when they look at a photograph is what all photographers strive for.


How i intend to research this…..

 > researching photgraphers who specialise in dance photography and try and get interviews with them, asking them revelent questions to do with my project.

 > speak to and interview the dance students at university about how they express emotion through their dance

 > attend a couple of dance shows myself to see first hand how they express themselves eg. nutcracker ballet show at the belgrade theater.

~ by hmsteel on October 22, 2012.

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