Research Project

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what i want to do for my research project and however hard i thought less an less ideas were surfacing…complete photographers mind block! So i decided to revisit all my work from the last two years at university and look for my strengths and any emerging patterns in the projects which i have enjoyed and produced good work in.

However looking back over everything didn’t really helped me though because there are so many different genres of photography i covered in the two years i have been here, i don’t really think i knew where i wanted to go with photography. So for me i think the last two years was me trying to find a space in the photography world where i fitted in and found my passion for photography again.

I think my breakthrough moment was my last project i completed where i studied the human figure. Since then everything about this subject in photography interests me, and this is what i want to constantly photograph. Im not 100% sure where i want to go with my research project as of yet but at least i have a starting point now- The Human Figure

To start my research of i have decided to start researching fine art nudes finding photographers who inspire me.


~ by hmsteel on October 8, 2012.

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