Lets take a while to brainstorm……

POWER             MOVEMENT                 BEAUTY                EXPRESSIVE 

These are just a few things that keep coming into my head as i look through the photographs of the photographers which i have chosen so far. The main one being power. I personally think that these photographs so far really concentrate on capturing raw human power in physical terms and emototional terms. Photographing the body as if it was a magnificant sculpture adds to this sense of power because you view the body image as a strong undestructable form rather than what it actually is while still capturing the beauty of the physical form. Every curve, shadow, muscle line expresses this sense of power even more.

Anouther theme that seems to be emerging in the photographers that i am looking into is the fact that they are photographing the body in motion. Doing this i believe enhances the the beauty and power of the photograph because of the shapes which are produced during this movement.

Another thing which i want to look into is the lighting of the photographs because i think this plays a massive part in helping create this expressive power the viewer feels while evaluating the photographs. The shadows over the muscle line and the high contrast tone for example help portray this sense of sculptures and in turn the sense of power.

recapping and bringing the ideas together………

-the portrayal of the expressive power in the human body

– how lighting enhances the portrayal of power and defines the human form

– how photographing movement in the human body adds to the themes of power and beauty

So far this is what i have, i need to get much more specific in which direction i really want to go into but i think my next steps are to research more photographers and look into the mechanical effects of the photographs such as the lighting. However i think the next part of research i am going to do is look right back at the history of the portrayal of the human form and find out a bit more about it through the ages to give me a better understanding of the whole topic.


~ by hmsteel on October 8, 2012.

One Response to “Lets take a while to brainstorm……”

  1. Hazel your work is so interesting already, I think you’re on to a winner here 🙂

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