Bryon Paul McCartney

I am not interested in creating a ficticious fantasy world, I am more interested in knowing the truth, discovering the real. My work with models is fueled by my interactions with them and my ability to help them to relax and be themsleves. I work with profesional and amateur models but no matter whom I work with, my goal is the same, I want to remove the veil, I want to see the true person in front of my lens.”


Bryon Paul McCartney is an ameriacan fine art photographer, he personal studies mainly concentrate around dance and fine art nudes. Alot of his work explores the sculptural and dynamic form of the figure in motion.

I am extremely drawn to bryone photographs because they capture a sense of power and beauty at the same time without being to over baring on the viewer. Using lighting and shadows he has made the figure look strong and sculpted however also beautiful and this is what really draws me into his photographs.

The way he photographs the body in sculptural forms really interests me, and i think photographing the body in this way is a really dynamic and interesting idea.

~ by hmsteel on October 8, 2012.

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