think, react, respond

For our last module we were taken to london to the olympic village. There we had to produce work in groups of 6, made up of a number of different students from different corses. While we were there we had to produce work on the political aspect of the olympics. In my group we decided to concentrate on the good things that have come about from the olympics such as fairly run down places being built up and made nice, more money coming into run down parts ect ect and then the bad side such as people having to be relocated from their homes. While we were in london we also had to attend a rising of the sun convention which was basically about bringing in how back at the begining of the olympics how racial discrimination was involved and how people stood up for this and no this has been abolished in the olympics. As a groupbecause this took up most of our vist to london we decided we would put this into out work aswell. As a group the majority of the students were media production students so we decided to create a short vidio presentation which contained mine and a fellow photographers photographs from the day with a voice over. Personally i first decided on taken photograph of how the place had been built up and modernized so i took photographs of all the commercial aspects of the olypics and new buildings and things. And for the other “bad part” i took alot of photographs at the talk we had to go too.

These are the photographs i produced from the day…..

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~ by hmsteel on June 5, 2012.

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