Evaluation of think, react respond module

While the lecturers talked to us about this module they built it up and made it sound amazing. We were told we were going to mysterious place, giving a secret brief and would have free reign to do what ever we wanted according to the brief in our groups. For me this sounded really good and interesting and i was really excited to be doing this module but however  it didn’t really live up to the expectations for a number of reasons and i don’t think any of the students doing this module could really achieve work of their best standard.

The location was the london Olympic village, when we heard we were going to london it was a bit of a dampener because thats the only place we ever really seem to go, but we all thought it would be cool to go to the olympic village so it was ok. However that all changed when we actually got there, we couldn’t really go anywhere near any of stadiums or building or get anywhere near it really because of corse its all still being built so basically all we could really see was scaffolding and builders. so what were we really supposed to do? my group came up with the idea of photographing what the olympics has done relating to building up the place and making it better…however if you’ve been there and you’ve tried to use a camera or cam cording you know its pointless. As soon as you get out your equipment your asked to put it away straight away. Seriously how can media students create any work when were not even allowed to use our equipment in most places?! So for this reason i really don’t think that the whole “olympic village” idea that was given to us was thought through very well at all and i was extremely disappointed with it.

The second part of the trip did not get any better, in relation to our trip and our project. We were told we had to attend this conference, which i personally and i think most people thought was about racial discrimination in the olympics years ago. About 5 minuets was dedicated to this subject..thats it! It was a rising sun conference about racial discrimination in society today, and how the police were extremely corrupt in society now a days and racially discriminated against people in prison ect ect. I strongly believe we should have been told what this conference was exactly about and as adults ourselves been allowed to decided if we wanted to attend this or not because i for one and i think many of my fellow students felt extremely awkward having to sit through this not necessarily because of the content of the meeting but mainly the atmosphere of it. i strongly believe we should have been told what this conference was about before we got in there!! Especially because it had pretty much nothing to do with the olympic village!!!

Overall i feel like this day was very disorganized and not thought out and as students we were just really chucked in there. i don’t really see how any of us could achieve work to our highest standards and personally i think i could of produced a better project if i had just stayed in coventry!!

~ by hmsteel on June 5, 2012.

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