teamwork reflection

Team work Reflection

I did a mixture of different things and most of them were individual projects which i undertook on my own. However there were two projects which i did which i was having to work in a team to complete them. Fo r me i was fine with this because i do class myself as be able to work in a team easily and efficiently.

The first professional experience i did where i had to work in a team was when i did the asian wedding. I had to work well with another photographer and worth a person who was videoing the whole thing. This meant that to achieve the best quality shots we had to wok in a team to make sure nobody was getting in the way of each other, or ruining each others photographs or film.

The second project i did where i had to work in a large team was the exhibition i took part in. It was essential that we all worked well as a team otherwise none of the work would have ever got done. I found it incredibly easy to work in the team mainly because i get on with everyone and i respect all the people i was working with and i respect there work and i think if you have this understanding working in a team is fairly easy. I don’t think i will ever be a leader in a team i’m much more someone who will stand back and listen and then do the jobs which are listed as needed to be done.

Overall i think before i went into my professional experience module i could work in a team fairly easy however i ha never really had the opportunity where things could get a bit stressy to really see if i could work efficiently under pressure in a team. However after this experience i think i can do this and in future this will benefit me a lot because when your doing photography shoots its rarely just you, you have to work as a team to get the best results.

~ by hmsteel on May 9, 2012.

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