review about my teamwork by josie sutton

I had the opportunity to work with Hazel on two occasions during this module. The first was on the wedding I shot down in Portsmouth, I asked Hazel to work alongside me. I feel we worked well as a team as we were constantly in sync as to who was following the events of the wedding. We were well organized as a duo and were constantly taking notice of whether the other was, and placing ourselves strategically so we would be in a prime position to capture what the other would miss. For example when the bride was walking in, we distanced ourselves well in order for the first to then turn and go behind the second and capture the event as the bride passed. I feel a reason we worked so well was because we do know each other well, and have worked together through the PICBOD module helping to both photograph and model for each other. The understanding of each other and the fluidity of our work comes from experience of working as a duo. Aside from this, I observed Hazel working during the cleaning and building of the picbod exhibition. It was clear that she was willing to take any task given to her without trouble and worked quickly and efficiently until the task at hand was done. I feel this is the way everyone should have been, as some arguments did occur through other students regarding roles and tasks that were not being completed. Working with a photographer as capable and willing to get their hands dirty makes teamwork much more enjoyable and productive, as an attitude like Hazel’s helps to keep everyone calm by discussing problems calmly and being happy to work on whatever was asked of her without complaint. My faith in Hazel as a partner is clear, as she was the photographer I first asked to work with me with my picbod studio work. In reflection of our work together, I would not have changed my choice, and will definitely have Hazel as my first choice if I ever have any team projects up and coming.

~ by hmsteel on May 9, 2012.

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