learning development reflection

Learning development

As a result of the professional experience module i can say it has definitely 100% improved my skills as a photographer.

This module has forced me to completely step out of comfort zone and what i am used to and really has pushed me to the limits. I think i have achieved what i wanted when i set out at the beginning, my main aims were to get involved in a number of different projects and rally try and start building a name for myself which i think i have achieved seeing as i have work lined up for the next couple of months which is really good!

Before this module i had the skills of a fairly good photographer but i think the thing that was holding me back was my confidence in my ability and my work. However after doing these projects and achieving so much praise for everything i have done it has really shown me that i can do it and i just need to become more forceful in the things i want and really go for them instead of letting my confidence get in the way and hold me back.

Without this module i would still be doubting myself, so for that reason alone i am really glad that i had the opportunity to do this module because it has helped me a hell of a lot.

~ by hmsteel on May 9, 2012.

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