creative experience reflection…

Creative experience reflection

Originally at the beginning of this year when we wrote our proposals i wrote about the different projects which i had planned to undertake to improve my creative side a lot more. However none of the things in my proposal really turned out to work or happen however i think the work that i did work on in the last few months has really made me evaluate why and what i’m doing and it has pushed me to my limits and helped me gain valuable creative experience.

I think my most creative side came out when i exhibited my own work in the exhibition which i took part in. I had a vague brief and really let my creative side out and decided to try and different techniques to produce something that is really interesting to look and and really draws you in. I think i managed to really push my creative side with this and i am happy i did because the results were fantastic.  I had a lot of fun doing this exhibition as well and it has really pushed me into wanting to exhibit more of my work which before i was always a bit unsure of wanting to do this because i never really had the confidence in my own work to do this before.

However i think since this module has began my creativity has really grown and i am much more motivated to get out and try new projects and really get my work out there. Another big bonus of this module my portfolio has really grown and it looks much more professional and creative and grown up now!

~ by hmsteel on May 9, 2012.

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