wedding photography/editing- 5 days work experience

Earlier this month another opportunity arose for me to get some more professional experience in. A friend of the family was getting married at the local church. I decided to get into contact with her ad asked her if it would be possible if i could attend the wedding and take some photographs. She had already hired a photographer however was happy to have me along to take my own photographs. Because she was so willing to have me be there to take them we decided that all the photographs i took of her day i would put onto a disk and she could have them at the end. This i was really pleased with because it helped me gain valuable experience in wedding photography and it benefitted her because she got more photographs.

On the day i arrived pretty early so i could suss out the best places to stand and where the best lighting was. I decided to try and get a few of her when she was coming in and then go into the church and try and get her at the alter. This went fairly well but i think i was a bit nervous about getting in the way of the hired photographer so i tried to stay out the way which didn’t enable me to get the best of shots.

After the ceremony we went to a barn which had been done up beautifully with a marquee outside, i arrived a bit before everyone else because i wanted to photograph the venue before it was busy. While i was here i photographed the family in groups, the speeches and everyone basically enjoying themselves.

Overall it was a fantastic opportunity to be involved in the wedding and it helped me gain confidence in shooting weddings an interacting with people and it also helped me realized i’m quite good in hectic conditions, i can easily work well without getting too stressed out. However next time i would like to be the only photographer because i think at the back of my mind all day i was thinking about how not too interfere with the hired photographer or get in his way at all.

However this was not the end of the work i did for her. A couple of weeks after the wedding she phoned me up and said how much she liked the photographs i took for her, she also went onto say how disappointed she was with the photographs the company had produced who she hired. She paid one thousand pounds for the wedding coverage which included a disk of the photographs and then a photo book to be made at the end. She showed me the online version of what the book would look like and i had to agree that is wasn’t very good, the pictures were all overlapping so you only got half of peoples heads and generally it just didn’t look nice. Also only a few of the photographs had been edited in any way, and even the few that were edited weren’t very good.

Here is a sample of what some of the pages looked like in the book…..

What she didn’t seem to like was how cluttered the pages seemed to be and how there wasn’t one focus. she wanted cleaner lines and more organised.

This is where the rest of my professional experience came in. Because she liked my photographs so much and how i had edited them she asked me go through all the photographs from the wedding which the company had taken and edit them and try to make them look better. She then wanted me organize her photographs into a clean and simplistic order into a photo book for her. So she wanted a book at the end of it which included my photographs and the photographs which she had payed for, which would have been edited by me. As this was going to take up alot of my time, because i would have to edit all the photographs and then spend a while organizing them and producing the book she said she would pay me which was awesome.

Over the next 2/3 days i worked pretty much all day editing the photographs because i thought this was a good opportunity to show off how well i could edit and i thought if i did this well, it might lead on to other people who she knows and in future get me more jobs. Before i started editing though she gave me a spreadsheet of the photographs her and her husband liked and would like to be included in the book, she also put notes by them if there was anything specific which she wanted editing.

Heres a sample of some of the images (which were NOT taken by me) but which  i had edited for her, these ones had not been edited at all before i edited them. On the left hand side are the original ones before editing.

The next couple of days was putting all the photographs together and making them into an order which she was happy with. To start out i arranged it then sent her a copy, then she would email me back about things she wanted different and i would change them. We did this about 5/6 times before we both agreed on an order which looked really stylish, clean and effective. The next step was finding a decent site to send the book to which would create it for us. She said she had been doing some research and she wanted to send to my publisher. I was a bit unsure of whether to go along with this because first of all i had never used it before so was unsure of the quality of their prints they produce and secondly it is an american site so i thought the posting might take for ever and it would be harder if anything went wrong with it. I sent it off about 2 weeks ago, so it should be here in the next week which i’m really looking forward to. I really hope i have created something that she will be happy with because it was a big shame for her when she got the photographs back from the company after she had paid all that money for and she wasn’t happy with them.

Overall this was a fantastic opportunity because not only did i improve my skills in wedding photography i also improved them in editing, time handling, communicating with a client to get the rite results and generally giving me a confidence booster about my work. Already this has paid of because her brother is getting married in two months time and they have asked me to be the main photographer at their wedding which is fantastic. so i must have done an alright job! And another added bonus was i got paid £100 pounds for all the editing i did and petrol money paid for the traveling i did at the beginning when we first started discussing what she wanted me to produce for her.

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