Displaying my photographs- 3 days work experience

The next 3 days of my professional experience came from my boss back home. Since i was about 14 i have been working in a bakery in somerset called denelas bakery, so am pretty friendly with the boss of the business. There are two shops he owns one in a village called castle cary and then a bit larger one in a town called shepton mallet. While i was at home at easter, they were having both shops redecorated. Because of this i decided to ask my boss that instead of putting up the old and boring photographs back up on the wall if i could display my photographs on the walls in both shops. He said this was absolutely fine, because he had seen my work before because i was always showing the other workers in there projects i had created so they were happy to display my work for me.

The first couple of days basically was just meeting up with him and discussing what sort of photographs i was thinking about portraying on the walls. We both came up with the idea of displaying photographs i had taken while i had been working for them down at glastonbury festival. For the last three years i have worked down there on a stall which he owns, however this gets you a free pass into the festival so is an awesome opportunity to go around with my camera and photograph all the going ons in the festival. Over the last three years i have worked there i have collected hundreds of photographs for the festival. Seeing as glastonbury festival is a big thing where i live because its like 5 minuets away from where i live, i thought these photographs would generate the most interest and get most people looking at them, talking about them and hopefully asking the staff who took them so getting my name out their a bit more.

So the main stuff i have been doing with this project was editing down my photographs to the best ones and then editing them in photoshop, boosting the colours, contrast, sharpness ect. Because the shops arnt huge i decided to print them off in A4 size but then get them professionally framed to go onto the wall. While i was still at home at easter i managed to get this done. I’ve put 5 A4 photographs in each shop. So all together split between the shops there are 10 prints.

I will going home in a weeks time, because that is when the decorating in the shops should be finished, to hang up all my prints. I m really looking forward to doing this because hopefully people will start to see my work more. And something that i would love to try and do next year is photograph the festival professionally for a magazine, so im hoping that this will get me a little closer to that goal.

Here are a few of photographs i decided to display ….

~ by hmsteel on May 8, 2012.

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