calendar making- 1 day professional experience

My next day of work experience came from my grandmother. Last year sometime i created a calendar for one of friends birthday using photographs i had taken while i was traveling around africa. This friend who i made the calendar for then got hold of my gran a couple of months ago and asked if i would produce another calendar for her to give to her friend for her birthday in a couple of months. However this time she wanted landscapes of where she lives down in cornwall, this i decided to do because every year since i was little i have visited a place called polzeath in cornwall so i decided to create a calendar for her using photographs that i have taken in the last couple of years.

This was fairly easy to do because i had all the photographs that i have taken in the last couple of years so i just decided to go back and properly edit them not that my editing skills are much better.  Because i have made calendars before it was fairly easy to do, i used the same template as last time and just had to edit the photographs and upload them. I then had to print out the pages with the advent calendar part. At home i have a machine which will bind together calendars and books, so i put the pages in there and made a calendar for 2013 for her so she can start using it at the end of this year.

This was not in the slightest challenge because i have done numerous calendars at home already so i have got fairly good at the process, however i decided to this not only to get another days work experience but because this work came from a previous calendar i had produced so i thought if i did this one my names getting out there more and hopefully it might bring some more work my way. The added bonus i also got paid a bit of money for making this calendar for her.

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~ by hmsteel on May 8, 2012.

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