Portsmouth Wedding – Professional experience 1-3

Portsmouth wedding- 3 days work experience

My first professional experience arose when another photographer asked me to help them cover an asian wedding down in Portsmouth, i jumped at the chance to do this because it helped me gain valuably experience covering a wedding and it was less nerve racking having a fellow photographer there to help me. As the family we were photographing were very  strict with there religion neither me, the other photographer or the company we were working for were not allowed to use the photographs in any way so that means we would not be allowed to use them in portfolios or blogs either which is a shame.

This type of asian wedding lasts for three days, the first day is when there is a party thrown for the bride and her family and close friends. On this day we arrived at the brides house to  photograph her clothing, her home, her make up being done and her leaving her home to go to the party. In the hall where the party takes place there is a beautifully decorated stage where the bride sits on for the duration of the night. Throughout the night her friends and family join her on this stage and feed her small portions of cake and fruit, the purpose of this is to welcome sweetness into her marriage.  Throughout the night we had to photograph each guest when they joined her on stage. After this, the bride gets her mehndi done while the other guests celebrate. Again we have to photograph this process.

The second day is the actual wedding, this is fairly private affair and is attended only by immediate families of both the bride and the groom.

The third day is the wedding party. To start the day off, we go to the brides house to photograph her getting ready again. After we have photographed this we went to the wedding party venue to wait for so we could capture the groom arriving at the venue. As the family is very religiously strict again the guests are separated. The men in one room and the women in another. Again there are stages in the two rooms which the bride and groom sit at, we must photograph them both arriving and sitting in these stages. After everyone had arrived we were asked to go around and photograph the guests while they were eating and enjoying themselves. After this the groom is taken into the brides room where they feed each other sweet puddings and drinks. The gifts are given and finally the rings are exchanged. The last part of the ceremony we must photograph is them leaving together in the limo.

Overall these three days were a big eye opener to me. I got to learn about asian culture and weddings much more because they are completely different to british weddings which was a fantastic opportunity. Over the three days we had to work extremely hard and long days and it was very tiring however it was a great opportunity and helped me gain more experience in wedding photography so in the future i will no much more to what to expect which is great. The photographs i took over these three days were beautiful as well because i really concentrated on capturing all the different colours of the wedding however as agreed before we took on this job we were not allowed to use the photographs at all after the wedding.

~ by hmsteel on May 7, 2012.

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