PICBOD exhibition..4 days work experience

Picbod exhibition- 4 days work experience.

This was an exhibition which i took part in which was created and run by members of second year university students. Our module at the time was PICBOD (picturing the body) As many of us enjoyed this module a lot there was a descion to carry this on and make an exhibition out of it. Saun and alex two people on our corse took control and found a place which would be awesome to hold our exhibition and from there we worked as a group to set up the exhibition ready for the opening night.

This as what the exhibition space looked like before any work….

The first day we met as a group and split people into groups to go and do different tasks, some people went and started the advertising team, others went out to buy stuff for the basement and the rest, me included stayed behind an started cleaning up. There was a lot of stuff which needed doing, the basement was full of rubbish, dust and dirt. There were puddles on the floor, the walls were thick with dirt and there was hardly any lighting. Basically all of today was cleaning and starting the advertising for the exhibition. However working as a team made it effective and a lot of fun to do even though we were just cleaning. As we discovered after a hard day working on cleaning the walls and floors we were going to have to go over them again because more dirt just kept gathering but we were determined to get it looking nice for the opening night. On the first day the people which were on the advertising team had started to draft up previews of leaflets which they were planning on handing out to advertise to opening night. They had also started getting hold of newspapers and radio stations trying to advertise the exhibition more.
That night we discussed whose photographs were going to be used as the main photographs on the advertising leaflets. To decide this in a fair and unbiased way everybody created a leaflet that they thought would be good enough to be produced as the final leaflet. We then sent our leaflets to our tutor Jonathan worth who proceeded to put them on the website so we could get an outside view on which ones people thought were the best. In the end we settled on the main one containing a small photograph of everyones work which looked awesome.
The second day was pretty much the same as the first, lots more cleaning and tidying up. sweeping the floors and assessing the space we had to work with. On this day we also found some really old easels in a cupbourd under the stairs. So we got these and gave them a good clean so if any body had books they wanted to display they could easily use them. People also went out this day and started buying portable lights so we could start to properly asses where people could hang their work.
Day three was doing the last of the tidying up. Lighting up parts which still needed lighting. We also started buying food and drink for the opening night which was in one days time. Also on this day we decided to tidy up the outside, clean the tables and chairs, get some light out there, we used an old chalkboard which we thought would be a good idea for people to leave comments on and generally made it look nice outside.
Day four was the day of the opening, we still hadn’t got all the photographs on the wall so this was the main priority of today, getting all the photographs up on the wall. It was really good because everybody got their photographs where they wanted which was good. we sorted out all the lighting making sure all the photographs on the wall were well lit. We then had to attach all the little boards which the advertising team had made us which gave a brief description of what our wok was about. We also had to set up where the food and drink was going to go and how we were going to run it so the night went smoothly
The exhibition opened at 7 and to our surprise a lot more people turned up than we were expecting, we had to make more booze and food runs and had o have some managing the door constantly just because we had so many people coming through the door. However overall the opening night was a massive success and everyone who came through the door exclaimed at how good everyones work was and how everyone thought it was a massive success at working as a group to achieve something so awesome. We had the chalk bored outside which got loads of comments on and we had a visitor booklet where people could write what they thought about the exhibition which gave us some really good feedback. Overall the exhibition wen really well and it was a awsome experience to have my first exhibition and it gave me a massive confidence booster as everyone wrote good comments about my work.
If i wa to any thing different about this exhibition i would definitely get more prints printed out large and i would get them properly framed for the exhibition because time and money were not on my side for this exhibition which was a shame.
Below are a few photographs taken at the opening night of the exhibition and an awesome video which was produced by diken Richard’s who had been filming the development of the exhibition from the beginning.

And the awsome video created for us by Dickens Richards…….
Overall it was an awesome success!

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