family portrait

Family portrait- 3 days work experience.

For my next project for professional experience i was asked if i would take a family portrait for a family who i came to know through a friend. They were going to pay to have them done by a company but when they learned i was home they asked me if i would take the photographs for them, which i was happy to do, and an added bonus was that i would be getting paid for doing this as well which was awesome.

The first day i went over to there house it was a bright and sunny day so i suggested doing the photographs outside in the garden because i thought they would look really nice and summery. It was a family of four i was photographing and they wanted there dog to be involved in them all as well, so getting everyone ready and composed nicely was a bit of a struggle in the beginning but as i got more used to giving more instructions it became a lot easier. After we discussed what type of photographs they wanted we came to a decision that they wanted them quite unposed and more fun like to show what there family was truly like which i thought was much more interesting than having the posed boring shots. To start of i began taking some family ones, then i shot the children together on their own and then separately.

After taking these we decided that it would be good to take a few more complete family ones inside, but seeing as it was getting quite late by this point i said i would come back in the morning the next day and shoot them again.

The second day i arrived to shoot was another nice day so i suggested we shoot the family ones in the conservatory because it was a nice setting and there was much more natural light which would help me taking the photographs. I kept these ones quite simple and just got the family to sit on the sofa and i took a lot of photographs there. They then asked me if i would take portraits of their dog on its own as well which i happily did.

I then spent the whole of the next day editing the photographs in photoshop, boosting the colours and sharpness. I then did a few black and white and different effects ones which they asked for. As part of the job they expected me to do was to print them out for them as well. So i started i made a completed list of different sizes, styles, shapes and of corse prices.

These are the edited photographs which i sent them, so they could make up their minds on what ones they wanted and what size they wanted them printed in.

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Over the next few days we chatted about how they wanted them printed. They decided they wanted them all printed small so they could put them as a collage into a special photo frame but at the same time they wanted one photograph printed large on canvas, the photograph we both decided on was the close up one of them inside on the sofa. I was pleased with this decision because this was one of my favourites as well.

Overall this was a good experience for me because it boosted my confidence to work independently with no help, so i had to think about lighting, composition and also keeping it friendly and fun. The images outside i think i could have improved on because there is a lot of shadow which i was disappointed in but the images which were taken inside i thought came out really well and the client was really pleased with them.

~ by hmsteel on May 7, 2012.

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