So its come to the end of anouther module and i have to first start of with saying this as a fantastic module to take part in, and i never thought id say this about a module but i think i will miss it a little. It was such a good oppertunity to undertake and an eye opening experience taking part in an open class where people from all over the world take part in. Not only has this inspired me to keep going through the module- seeing other peoples work, but it has also giving me the oppertunity to get feed back about my work from outside the university class which was fantastic.

To start this module i didn’t have a clue what to expect, the best advice i got was to stop trying to think of a final project straight away, concentrate on the tasks and evolve this into a final peice. Which for me worked fantastically well! I got to the third task which was “nude and naked”- and the first thing i did was freak out. How was i supposed to photograph myself naked let a lone other people! So to begin with i just bashed out some pretty standard and rubbish photographs of the body with parts showing and looking back at them now i can see how pretty crap they are! So i started to really think of ways around this and thats when i started producing images which evolved into my final project.

I decided to do long exposure shots, while i was moving around in the frame because it made me feel less ‘nude’ because in the photographs nothing is in focus and on display. The first images i produced at the time i was pretty pleased with however looking back at them now, they have got nothing on my finals! It probably has something to do with the fact that they were taken in my bedroom, with a black sheet as the back drop and light from my laptop. As soon as i got into the studio, the results exceeded my expectations and i knew straight away that my final pieces were going to based around these images. The first shoot i did i used a friend as a model however she felt uncomfortable taking all the clothes off so i shot her in her underwear however when i look back at these images now i can see that the underwear distracts a lot from the image. So i went back to the drawing bored and decided to set the camera on a timer, whip my clothes off and shoot myself.

The decision to print a couple of them out big was one the best decisions i made throughout the project! The images look fantastic printed out big and i if i had more money and time i would definitly print 10 massive final images and display them mouted onto a wall however as i said i did not have nough money for this so i could only print out two. I still wanted my other images to be seen though so i created a little sketchbook of all my best images which i also think has come out really good!

Overall i an really pleased with the work i have produced this term, the open class really helped keep me motivated throughout the module which is something i struggle with normally however i am really pleased i stuck with it and kept going with this because the outcome was so good!!! 🙂


~ by hmsteel on March 7, 2012.

3 Responses to “Evaluation”

  1. Great work Hazel! i really like them, i really want to see them projected for some reason and see them merge into one another! i think you should work on a good title though, so we have some direction on how they are read!

  2. Some really beautiful images. I’d like to see more of them as i think you still have some really strong images on your blog

  3. I reckon this was a breakthrough moment Hazel, this is the first time I’ve seen you really take ownership and throw yourself into your work and as I said in class, for what it’s worth, you made one of my all time picbod faves. Thanks and see you in phonar where we will conquer the universe.

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